New Major League Vape Pens 1.1g


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These pens are disposable and rechargeable incase it runs out of battery and product still left ! Thank you and Enjoy! #HeavyHitters

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FrozenMangoChill(Indica), TropicalPassionFruit(Indica), HardcoreOG Blaze(Indica), Electric BlueRas Freeze(Indica), MonsterCookie Crush(Indica), Açai Adventure(Sativa), MarshmellowDreamland(Indica), UnleashYourBeast(Indica), ChilledKiwiBerrySplash(Indica), ExtremeDew(Indica), OrangeDreamsicle(Sativa), FruitySnackSensation(Indica), SweetTartClouds(Sativa), PineapplePeach(Sativa), CremeBrûléeDelight(Indica), BlueRazzLemon(Hybrid), SourBurst(Indica), LondonPoundCake(Hybrid), SweetPlumMagic(Sativa), TropicanaTwist(Indica), EnergyElixir(Indica), PinkLemon(Sativa), MangoPineapplePeach(Hybrid)


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