Area710 Vape Carts 510thread


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Made with D9 Thc Distillit, Fse natural cannabis derived terpenes.

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La Kush Cake(indica), Grape Ape(indica), Watermelon Kush (indica), Pink Lychee(hybrid), Wedding Cake(hybrid), Banana Runtz(hybrid), Five Alive(hybrid), Thin Mint GSC(hybrid), Gelato(hybrid), Blue Razz(hybrid), Strawnana(hybrid), Gushers(hybrid), Coke Cola(hybrid), Jack Herer(Sativa), Rootbeer(Sativa), Berry Blast(Sativa), Maui Waui(Sativa), Pineapple Express(Sativa), Forbidden Fruit(indica), Blueberry Muffin(indica), Grape Ape(indica), Skywalker Og(indica)


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